25 April 2009

Video: Surgery Offers Hope for Cerebral Palsy

"Cerebral Palsy is a brain injury that affects motor control, stiffening muscles and making movement difficult and sometimes painful."

From Denny: Profiled by NBC News is this adorable two year old little girl, Lili, who is dealing with cerebral palsy. Right now the doctors are predicting that some day she might not be able to walk at all. Why? Because with this condition the muscles can't keep up with the growth of the bone. As the bone grows it pulls on the muscle but the muscle can't stretch to accommodate the growth.

At St. Louis Children's Hospital they are pioneering a surgical technique to increase mobility by relieving much of the stiffness. This could turn out to be a life-changing surgery for those who qualify. Remember, this IS spinal surgery so not exactly a procedure without risk.

So far this spinal surgery that relieves the muscle spasms has helped over 1800 kids AND with a 100% success rate. Take a look at Lili's improvement after only five months since her surgery!

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