03 April 2009

Libations Friday! Poem: Keeping the Peace

Now on to the Friday poem. True to my partial Spanish heritage - OK, diluted by a few generations of American mutt - still burns the passionate flame of spirit.

It’s interesting the path a person takes to the making of a write, in this case a poem. Early this morning I went over to my StumbleUpon blog page to see what my friends have been putting up on the site. BTW, I’m known as warriorkitty. If you are over there, and would enjoy becoming a friend, be glad to include you! Shoot me a message that you came over from this blog. Just click on the warriorkitty link above.

The StumbleUpon site often gives me inspiration for a blog post and today I got lucky. A friend, rodie151, had put up a post from the Quantum Learning blog about finding balance in your life. Rodie does a lot of pages on self-improvement and finds the most intriguing places to visit.

Well, spiritual things are right up my alley, so, I took a look. Wonderful piece of personal illumination from which others can benefit! You can find “Balancing on the Top of the World” post on The Healing Waters blog. Just right click and pull it up in a new window for easier navigation, go here.

Of course, during the day I was thinking about his post and my thoughts went to the subject of Peace and the many stages mankind has endeavored over the centuries to achieve Peace. Those two people helped birth a new poem this afternoon, thanks, guys! Life really is a team effort!


Keeping the Peace

As I wander this world
Peering into intimate spaces,
Meeting new faces,
I wonder.

As I wander this world
Witnessing war-strewn nations,
Saddened faces,
I wonder.

As I wander this world
Shocked by copious injustices,
Exhausted faces,
I wonder.

As I watch this world of
Warring nations,
Outraged leaders,
Complaining religions,
Squabbling families,
Fuming individuals,
Is it any wonder?

Where is Peace?

Here, now, in this world.

Available any time,
Day or night,
Here, now, in this world.

Serenity, I am.
Alive, present
Here, now, in this world.

Freedom from strife,
Here, now in this world.
Look within for
Keeping the Peace.

By Denny Lyon
Copyright 2 April 2009
All Rights Reserved

Photo of two peace doves by left-hand @ flickr

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