14 April 2009

Video: Saudi Child Bride Case

From Denny: This controversial case has angered people all over the world, most notably bloggers, as it is a violation of international law regarding minors and children’s rights. The Saudis are as tired of living under their conservatives as Americans became of ours. At least we get to “throw the bums out” with an election.

The vast majority of Saudis are equally disturbed by an eight-year-old ordered by law to remain in an arranged marriage with a 47-year-old man. The marriage cancelled the debts of the child’s father.

My not so humble opinion of this so-called “father”? He’s a scumbag and a weaseling worm to use his very young child for his own personal benefit.

It also makes a person wonder if that conservative Saudi judge is one of those guys who is secretly part of some pedophile ring for allowing this outrage to stand. It's the only explanation that makes any sense for its tone-deaf attitude to the will of the child's family, the Saudi people and the court of public opinion - all who can clearly make a better and wiser decision.

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