19 April 2011

BP Oil Spill Disaster: One Year Later Economy Slammed, Recovered At 30 Percent

Photo: Golden Meadow, Louisiana, 13 April 2011, photo by Dave Martin

From Denny: Thousands of marine animals have died, about 7,000. There are probably three times that but because of BP preventing any news crews out in the disaster area in the early weeks of the oil spill. It could not be properly documented.

Photo: Dead dolphin found at Fourchon Beach, Port Fourchon, Louisiana, 13 April 2011

What is most worrisome are all the millions of gallons of cancer-causing dispersant used in the Gulf against the will of the Louisiana and Gulf residents. That's what is killing the baby dolphins and other marine animals now one year later.

The oyster beds will take over 10 years to reestablish, if they are lucky. Louisiana oysters used to be the finest in the nation until now, thanks to the incompetence and depraved indifference of British Petroleum. The British came and the British left us in tatters, stepping on our faces as they walked away from the problem.

Photo: Tar balls on beach at Port Fourchon, Louisiana - 13 April 2011

They dared to use cancer-causing dispersant on America's oceans.  That same dispersant had been banned in their own UK - for 10 years.  Guess they had a stockpile of it and wanted to dump it somewhere.  America became their target.

Currently, BP pays the fawning scumbag attorney, Ken Feinberg, an astounding $1 million a month to administer the so-called BP Claims Fund. Feinberg is out doing the usual political damage control by going on all the media outlets for lying interviews.  He justifies his pay from BP by claiming a Bush official signed off on it as a fair price.

Photo: Oil covered bird rescued at Barataria Bay, Louisiana - 26 June 2010

Just how much are we going to allow this guy to insult our intelligence?  Why does Obama keep him?  He should be fired and fast, especially in this election year.  Obama has a golden opportunity to fix the aftermath of the BP disaster and come out looking like a hero.  Why doesn't he do it?

What a sick joke the BP Claims Fund is. They demand you sign your life away and your rights to sue them in exchange for a mere $5,000 final settlement payment. No business can run on $5,000 a month. These token payments have sent thousands of businesses into bankruptcy and as many homes into foreclosure. In this instance, those added tragedies could have been avoided if BP had chosen the honorable path.

How long will it take for the Gulf to recover? When will people finally get compensated and made whole as promised? As of now businesses have been compensated only up to 30 percent of their losses.  The misery drags on in this region with billions lost in tourism business.  Come on; who among us wants to pay good money to visit an oil slicked beach and swim in polluted water?

If you missed these great stories from NBC News Anchor Brian Williams, take a look.  A big THANK YOU to NBC and Brian Williams for keeping this BP Oil Spill Disaster story front and center in the mind of the American people until it gets resolved properly.  If we allow Big Business to do this on the Gulf Coast, how long will it be before it comes to your community?

Dean Blanchard, a fifth generation shrimper in Louisiana, has lost 70 percent of his business and it's still down a year later.

Where is the oil in the Gulf? What is the impact one year later? It can still be found - easily. Just dig a few inches into the muck, look at the estuaries where there are rings of dead zones. Go out into the Gulf and stick your hand into the water and it comes up oil covered.

This is what our water birds are supposed to look like:

Photo: Louisiana state bird, Brown Pelicans, 13 April 2011

Not like this brown pelican just days after the BP Oil Spill Disaster. Fight the greed of Big Business and demand President Obama refuse to allow BP any oil leases on American soil or in our oceans:

All Photos by Dave Martin, except the oil covered brown pelcan.

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