30 April 2011

Jon Stewart Laughs Off Idiot Early Presidential Polls

From Denny: Jon Stewart is always up to the minute with his awareness of how ridiculous our presidential elections can be in the early months before voting. OK, an entire year before walking into that voting booth where we sigh a depressed sigh, hold our collective noses and push the button for our "sort of, well, maybe, don't have a lot of confidence in the guy" choice.

Stewart points out just how silly the national political discourse can get a year out from the election. Case in point? The Donald aka Donald Trump The Ridiculous. Lately, The Donald's Hair has been vociferously claiming President Obama is not a real person - and, even if he was - he is a foreigner born outside of America. Of course, Donald's Hair has succeeded in frustrating the White House to the point they finally released the president's very personal information on the long form version of the birth certificate.

The reality strategy is that the very reason the GOP nut jobs were so high profile about this nonsense Birther idea is because they were keenly aware of one fact. It turns out the state of Hawaii just doesn't release the long form version of the birth certificate to anyone, including the very person who was born there.

For the president to get a hold of his own long form birth certificate entailed jumping through hoops and a whole lot of discussing to get a copy. Well, at least the president of the United States can get his own birth certificate - finally. They need to change that law in Hawaii and I sure am glad I wasn't born there.

Oh, yeah, back to the funny video clip from Jon Stewart... Stewart pulled a lot of news clips from previous presidential election cycles just to prove how the early front runners are the same guys we all have forgotten a year after the election. Most of the candidates that peak early are swept aside by the time we get into the last six months of the campaign. This year will be no exception.

I doubt anyone will remember the unmemorable GOP candidates like Haley Barbour who endorsed a "former" KKK member, saying glowing things about the guy. What a gaffe. Then there's Gingrich who has actually found at least three women in his life time who were willing to sleep with him. Amazing, isn't it? Other than these guys - and the screeching Palin - people will forget them. What we remember are their clownish antics and outrageous stunts - not their political platforms.

Take a look at how Jon Stewart frames the early presidential season. As far as Stewart is concerned it's Open Happy Hunting Season for the comedians.

Daily Show: Indecision 2012 - Premature E-calculation
Donald Trump may be leading the GOP field in the polls, but early numbers are completely and totally meaningless.

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