10 April 2011

Funny Videos: Jon Stewart Mocks Glenn Beck FOX News Departure

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From Denny: Did any of us think the long rambling weird reign of foul-mouthed Glenn Beck would ever stop? Well, even FOX News has had enough and told him last week his show was canceled. He will depart the end of the year when his contract ends. Well, it never was real news, just imagined news.

For months comics have lampooned Beck's messianic Hitler style attitude and declarations. Well, even Beck's fans began to evaporate. Turns out in January his fan base began dwindling. Originally, at the height of his nightly viewership was clocked at about three million.

A show on a network has to top well over seven million to stay on the air. Well, by January, Beck's viewership was down by one million. It was amazing that two million people tuned into to listen to his strange - and often violent - ramblings. It does make you wonder if Beck helped destabilize millions of other people, causing them to tip over the edge to insanity.

It was incredible the top notch advertisers on this show - big names like GE, BMW, various Big Banks, you name them. So why did Beck suddenly lose 30 percent of his advertisers in one quick sweep? Why did Beck lose 30 percent of his viewership in just one month? Why is Beck continuing to bleed viewers and advertisers at the rate of about 5 percent erosion a month?

Turns out Glenn Beck finally went too far even for the crazy crowd. He started telling the world it was now the end of the world because Jesus told him so. Well, practicality takes over when it comes to making money and the advertisers were horrified. Who in the heck is going to buy their products if they think it's the "end of the world" according to Beck? No one at all, they reasoned.

Well, it just goes to show you one thing: There can be only one Jesus Christ because the world just isn't buying it otherwise. More so, it's revolting to watch greedy businesses willing to make money off a deranged guy sorely in need of medication. It was fine as long as they made money but no longer was it so cool when they realized their strategy was backfiring on them, losing money.

It was Big Business that also backed Hitler. They knew he was insane but they didn't care because of all the war profiteering they could run amok, making millions. It wasn't until it all turned bad they realized the monster they had created eventually turned on them. And so it is with the Glenn Beck saga.

Rob Rogers

From Jimmy Fallon:

Fox News announced today that Glenn Beck will leave his show later this year. It's nothing personal. He just wants to spend more time with the voices in his head.

From Conan O'Brien:

Glenn Beck has announced that he is leaving his show on Fox News this year. Even more surprising is that he's leaving to marry his life-partner, Abdul Gonzales.

From Craig Ferguson:

Fox News is dropping Glenn Beck's show. He spent the whole day crying his eyes out, and then he heard his show was getting dropped.

And equally strange: Dick Cheney:

David Letterman's "Top Ten Titles For The HBO Dick Cheney Mini-Series"

10. 'From Sneer To Eternity'
9. 'Dial M For Medic'
8. 'The Fat, the Bald, and the Ugly'
7. 'Clear!'
6. 'Mr. Cheney Goes to Washington and Everything Goes to Hell'
5. 'Do the Wrong Thing'
4. 'Lord of the Onion Rings' (You know, because he's fat)
3. 'How I Waterboarded Your Mother'
2. 'Raging Bullcrap'
1. 'Lawrence Of Arrhythmia'

Check out the funny videos:

As only Jon Stewart can do it he mocks Glenn Beck's incredibly boring usual on camera delivery, coupled with the usual outrageous convoluted statements only Glenn Beck can conjure up.

Thursday April 7, 2011

Daily Show: Intro - Jon Tells the Truth While Wearing Glasses
Jon warns of impending doom in a melodramatic way, signified by changes in seating, lighting and camera angles.

And now Jumping Jon Stewart imitates the weird body language of Glenn Beck, explaining all the while why even FOX News could no longer keep Glenn Beck on the air.

Thursday April 7, 2011

Daily Show: Glenn Beck Was Sent by Jesus
Maybe Glenn Beck started to believe his own messianic delusions and became a giant pain in the ass.

Thursday April 7, 2011

Daily Show: Glenn Beck Announces His Departure
Jon doesn't want to live in an America where Charles Manson tells our children what to watch on television.

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