04 April 2010

Weekly Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 4 Apr 2010

From Denny: Happy Easter to All of You! Hope this is a beautiful day for you on so many levels...

Here are all those posts you haven't had time to read or bookmark from this week. I figure you are just as eclectic and curious about your world as I am about mine, judging by the large amounts of traffic all these blogs have been receiving lately. Thank you for coming by for a visit!

It does help that I've been figuring out these past few months how best to organize and market these posts so you can easily - and quickly - find what is of interest to you. I know I don't like to get bogged down paging through someone's blog when all they had to do was provide some links on the sidebar or in a related post.

Sure it takes more time as a blogger to do so but it's always worth the effort. People appreciate it. As a writer, a blogger or a creative person, you don't just create or write for yourself. You have an audience and it's a good attitude to care about their interests and convenience as well. Taking time for all these technical details does pull time away from writing - sometimes, my poetry suffers when I don't have enough "think and gestate" time and it gets delayed like it did this week as I was changing over 14 blogs into new templates.

But, on balance, creative people might want to keep in mind not to get too self-absorbed with the writing or artwork as you will lose your people skills. Without people skills no one will be that interested in your writing or artwork anyway. Many times I've been at a weekend outdoor art showing of local artists and was about to purchase a painting, fiberwork or pottery only to be completely turned off by the odious attitude of the artist. I walk away every time.

The diva attitude of "you will get nothing and like it" is a sorry way to travel through life. There is so much more available for us if only we keep our hearts open and loving toward others. Sure there are those who test our patience and erode our good attitude - just keep walking through that day until you meet someone of a better attitude who is trying to have good relationships.

That's what the Easter season, even the Easter bunny, really represents. This is a time for renewal inside and out, a time to refresh our tattered attitudes and start again with new hope for our lives. Welcome the sunshine into your life this Spring!

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