13 February 2011

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 13 Feb 2011

From Denny: What an exciting week it has been with the 18 Day Egypt Revolution, following the twists and turns of real life drama. I'm proud to say I wrote many posts to cover it. The most time consuming was to wade through various English written Egyptian blogs to find out what was going on, what they thought was happening in their own country.

Remember the state controlled the news. You think it's bad in America, try living under martial rule with news black-outs and propaganda. OK, the Republicans do so love to spread their political gospel but at least most Americans know it's all lies. Comics make jest of what the GOP churns out of their "war rooms."

I've started yet another silly blog for interesting people, whatever I find as I find it: Dennys People Watching. Originally, I thought it might be interesting to cover world leaders but then Lady Gaga just had to get some face time. She is my most favorite outrageous person. If she's this cheeky at age 24, can you imagine her at age 50? Sure hope she doesn't burn herself out and become a conservative in her old age.

I also waded through a tremendous number of political cartoons about the Egypt Revolution which, naturally, have proven to be a big hit with the Middle Eastern countries.  I even started posting the Egypt news on The Social Poets rather than Dennys Global Politics because I was concerned anyone from the Middle East or Egypt might be in danger for visiting what the state might perceive as a  mainstream American media site  After all, who would think a poetess would be a political subversive? OK, bring on the political clowns... :)

During this fast-paced Egypt news we had the Chinese New Year and the Super Bowl.  I managed to get up some great recipes so take a look at the four food blogs.

Another blog I just birthed too, still in development stage, is Dennys Guest Bloggers. I thought it might be fun to invite other bloggers to answer interview questions for their readers to better get to know them.  It's also an interesting way to help market your blog, your art work or whatever.  I'm always up for figuring out ways to get out information - of which I am The Ultimate Information Junkie - and experiment with how to reach maximum awareness on the web.

If you are interested and want to post there - which would get linked on my many other blogs and linked in search engines and social sites - leave a comment on the blog or email here: warriorspearl@gmail.com.  It might be a good idea to catch my eye with the subject heading: Dennys Guest Bloggers.

Over the past several months artists and other bloggers have written for guest blogging but some of them were not a fit for my blogs or I couldn't get to them at the time.  So, I've been wracking my brain to figure out how to create a fit for just about any blogger - and in a timely manner. So this crazy blog idea was born.

Take a look around. Put up your feet; take a load off and enjoy yourself as you trip through what I found to post!  Sometimes, I feel like a writing monkey as depicted in that silly photo...

The Social Poets:

Gabby Giffords Speaks 1st Words, May Attend NASA Space Launch

American Political Cartoons - 12 Feb 2011 

Breaking News: Egypt Jubilant, This Blogger Called It Right: Mubarak Leaves

Breaking News: Mubarak Angers Protesters As Saves Face, Justifies Rule, Long Goodbye 

Egypt: Tahrir Square Excitement Builds, Protesters Await Confirmation Mubarak Leaving

Breaking News: Egypt Protesters Win, Mubarak Stepping Down!

Poll: Obama Will Not Win 2012 Reelection - The mood of the American people does not bode well for President Obama if he wants to seek a second term.

Cartoons: My Demo-Yard-Cats and GOP Temper Tantrums - What is it about my Democrats? Like the typical yard cat they don't seem to know their name or come when they are called.

Cartoons: Some Hummers to Scratch Your Head Why - OK, these are those wonderfully obscure type of cartoons that some people don't always "get" as to why they are funny but they sure made me grin.

Cartoons: Just Good Old-Fashioned Political Comedy - Sometimes, Life is just too amusing and these cartoonists certainly have capitalized on the opportunists capitalizing on us

31 More Egypt Revolution Cartoons - Cartoonists churn out new opinions at as fast a rate as the situation changes in Egypt during the protests.

Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Early Spring for 2011 - Check out this year's funny prediction from the famous American groundhog and plenty of groundhog day trivia and more.

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 30 Jan 2011

Political Cartoons: Obama 2011 State Of The Union

Taxpayers to Goldman Sachs: Give Us Back Our $3 Billion You Stole

Dennys Global Politics:

32 Egypt Revolution Ousts Mubarak Cartoons

32 Yet More Egypt Revolt Cartoons: World Prism Views

Political Cartoons: Egypt, Haiti, Iran, China, Pakistan in the News

Egypt Uprising: Throes of Revolution, Why? - Learn more about Egypt, their righteous grievances, their push for democracy.

Egypt Revolution Cartoons - Check out the latest political opinions from American cartoonists about the revolution in Egypt. Adding new cartoons as they become available so check back often.

Transcript: Obama 2011 State Of The Union Address

Dennys Funny Quotes:

Laughter Yoga: Comic John Cleese Goes In Search Of Fun Exercise

Funny Lemurs: No Table Manners, How Not to Chew Your Food

Funny Mardi Gras Quotes, Who Dat Rocking Saints Songs

Best Super Bowl Ads: Doritos Attacking Hungry Pug

Best Super Bowl Ads: CareerBuilder.com Parking Lot 

Funny Super Bowl: Cartoons and Thrillicious, Clydesdale Ads

Funny Music Video: Feeling So Fly Like A Cheesehead - A contagious happy song from our friends up in the American frozen tundra of Wisconsin.

Visual Insights:

Video: Largest House In The World, Car Made of Sterling Silver

Best Super Bowl Ads: GM Chevy Miss Evelyn 

Music: Hip Dueling Croatian Cellists Wail On Smooth Criminal By Michael Jackson - The perfect music of dancing toe-tapping joy to inspire you.

The Soul Calendar:

20 Funny Winter Weather Cartoons

Cosmic Bloodhound: Hubble Telescope Finds Distant Ancient Galaxy?

Funny Technology Cartoons For A Laugh

What Is The 200 Year Mystery of Epsilon Aurigae?

Popular Funny X-ray Pin-Ups Calendar: Stripped to the Bone

How Northern Lights Are Created By Sun Flares

Just what does a Trillion $ Dollars LOOK like???

Dennys People Watching:

Funny Lady Gaga Makes Grand Egg Entrance To Grammys

Celebrity: See Comic Joan Rivers At Home

Kate Middleton And Camilla Do Lunch: Publicly

Dogs Are People Too: Meet 6 New Breeds

From Chef Ming Tsai: Chinese New Year Festival and Recipes

The Healing Waters:

How Laughter As The Best Medicine Works In Your Body

How To Look Great: You Can Wear Long Hair Over 40

Beautiful Illustrated Quotations:

How Does Solitude Help Define Us?

7 Quotes: Defining Joy in Our Lives

Are You Willing To Step Over Your Self-Imposed Limits?

11 Great Quotes and Sayings Photos

Best Spiritual Posts:

Music: In The Air Tonight By Gregorian

Poem: Soul Journey

A Healing Spiritual Poem: Waking The Day

3 Wonderful Hug Quotes!

How Do You React to the Winds of Change in Your Life?

Dennys Art Sanctuary:

Best Super Bowl Ads: Motorola Xoom Empower the People

Best Super Bowl Ads: Eminem For Detroit And Chrysler

35 Stunning Wallpapers For February  - Choose your favorite of the month to enjoy!

Ouch Outrageous Obnoxious And Odd:

Best Super Bowl Ads: Pepsi Max Love Hurts 

Funny Satire Pet Cartoons - 2 Feb 2011

Funny Cartoons: Happy New Year and The New Reality

Unusual 2 Tasty:

From Chef Martin Yan: Chinese New Year Recipe Dragon and Phoenix

Romancing The Chocolate:

From Martha Stewart: Spectacular Baked Alaska For Valentines Day

Comfort Food From Louisiana:

New Addition to Louisiana Zoo: Baby Dromedary Camel

Chili Cook Off: 3 Recipes From The Today Show

9 Easy Marti Gras and Super Bowl Eats

6 Super Bowl Junk Food Recipes

Muffin Monday: Sour Cream Walnut Cinnamon Muffins

7 Simple Ingredients Brisket and Southern Corn Pudding

Muffin Monday: Sweet Potato Muffins

Cake Tuesday: Fresh Peach Coffee Cake

Dennys Food and Recipes:

Los Angeles Canters Bakery Recipe: Chocolate Cheesecake

Valentines Day Recipes: 3 Easy Creative Chocolate Cakes

Cake Tuesday: Super Sweet Heavenly Hash Cake

Cake Tuesday: Chef Bobby Flays Throwdown Competition Carrot Cake, Coconut Cake

How To Make Your Own Pimento Cheese Spread From Southern Living Magazine

Easy Slow Cooker Recipe: Macaroni Chili Cheese Casserole

Chocolate Bread Pudding in a Slow Cooker

Cake Tuesday: Chocolate Sin Cake From New Orleans

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