29 January 2011

Political Cartoons: Obama 2011 State Of The Union

How the cartoonists viewed the 2011 SOTU and cracked Republican responses.

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From Denny:  Oh, the SOTU address.  Doesn't it just bring shivers down your spine? OK, maybe not.  But we do all wait for that time once a year to see if our politicians can behave like grown-ups for at least a night.  Since the horrific shooting of Democrat Congresswoman Gabby Giffords in Tucson a few weeks ago, the watchword was to dial back the toxic rhetoric and dish out civil political discourse.

Well, this year was the time of acting like a bunch of middle school kids, asking each other to sit together in "mixed seating" instead of the usual partisan group seating by political party.  No kidding.  GOP Cantor asked Democrat Speaker Pelosi to sit with him.  Of course, he was too popular and too cool to ask her directly.  He did so through about three intermediaries.  How childish can you get?  Pelosi politely gave his staff the brush off as she had already asked her own Republican beau to the dance, uh, farce.

President Obama was barely into his speech when the GOP was up on Twitter denouncing it in the ugliest of tones and the usual spitballs flying all over the classroom, uh, the nation's Capitol.  In the SOTU speech Obama seemed to hit the right notes with the American public as was evidenced by the polls.  The real question is whether this president who is well known for inspirational speech-making will actually follow up with more than tepid deeds aimed at pleasing corporate welfare America.  And my question is this:  Will he ever look like a Democrat instead of a right-leaning GOP wannabe?

The 2011 State Of The Union address:

Ed Stein

Chip Bok

Chip Bok

Henry Payne

Jeff Stahler

Signe Wilkinson

Steve Benson

Robert Ariail

Steve Sack

From the crazed Republican "Right" on the Obama 2011 State Of The Union address:

Nick Anderson

Jeff Stahler

Rob Rogers

Drew Sheneman

More from odd ball Congresswoman Michelle Backman who wants to the 2012 elected President.  What drugs are she smoking, snorting, inhaling - or just plain mainlining?

Paul Szep

Steve Sack

Few people want to say it out loud. OK, I will. Glenn Beck has to be suffering from dementia just like Senator McCarthy in the shameful Communist-hunting era in America during the 1950's. When will anyone from the networks call this for what it is and remove this destructive guy from the air waves? Will we continue to allow him to incite violence and assassination attempts on our politicians -  all because he is actually insane? How much is too much?

Paul Szep

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