23 January 2011

Mother Holy Spirit poem - Libations Sunday 23 Jan 2011

What do you know about the - sometimes controversial - feminine principle of God?

peace dove

Mother Holy Spirit

Spirit, cloudy enigma traveling the ages,
Powerful, carefully hidden from view,
Ever present in our lives, available,
Guardian to humanity, a spirit champion.

follow the pattern

She walks with God, is God
Since Time began, summoning the
Feminine God Principle as our
Finite minds can understand.

I think...

Spirit comforts, soothes our worries,
Inspires us when we reach for Hope.
She moves like an overwhelming ocean
Touching us ever so lightly to remind.

Valentine Lightfulness

Spirit stirs our hurtful memories,
Pushing them to our surface mind,
Our awareness to truly see the why,
The Life lesson we taught ourselves.


She strokes our crying faces to calm,
Helping us harness our emotional chaos.
Spirit loves us into Wisdom’s embrace,
Growing us into our own healing Power.

celestial light

Through the centuries, sidelined by the devious,
Sly great religious thinkers of man denied Beauty,
Oblivious to Her touch, who choose not to grasp,
She, Spirit, lives within us, protecting, loving all.

Towards the Light

Spirit ignites our inner light, challenging us to
Spark that inner light in those surrounding us.
Those who choose to remain in the darkness
Still view the Light, if only from a distant corner.

Due Mani Due Generazioni - Two Hands Two Generations - by Dino Olivieri

She quietly sings Her visitation, drawing us,
An intense subtlety too easily missed in
A noisy world of work and life distractions
When we do not set aside the time to listen.

Dove of peace

Her song is gently alluring and peaceful,
Poised to help, potent ultimate authority,
Strength freely given, shoring up our sagging will,
Primal Creative Force rocking the symphony of Life.

Young girl sits in the wet sand facing the setting sun in golden late light

Denny Lyon
Copyright 22 January 2011 - 4 AM
All Rights Reserved

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