17 December 2008

Tips to Welcome Everyone to HubPages!

Tips to Welcome Everyone to HubPages! These days my favorite online writing site is HubPages! Why? Lots of reasons. One is that you can publish immediately. No waiting for an overloaded editorial staff to get to you 3 days to a week later. Of course, you have to be your own editor to maintain quality.

What's also great is that HubPages is linked to Blogger. Why is that important? You can populate your blogs by writing for HubPages!

Lots of friendly people over at HubPages too. Give it a try.

Plenty of poets over there. If you want your poetry to get noticed more then try writing an article (they call it a hub) around your poem.

Search engines have an easier time understanding the title of an article/hub than a poem's title which may be about a double meaning or a bit obscure. Great for those of us who like symbolism and great literature but bad for getting a lot of reads through a search engine.

Here's the link for HubPages if you are interested.

By Denny Lyon
Photo by hans s @ flickr
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