18 September 2012

Cyber Attack Over, Going to Own Domain Soon

Alternative Energy Cat Yard Sign

Alternative Energy Cat goes green as she saves on gas by riding her broomstick

Go to the newer version of this blog:  A Truth Journal 

From Denny:  Looks like Blogger is back to normal.  However, it takes them far too long to get the site back up and running - over a week this time.  Have started the process to get my own domain.  I'm fed up with four years of this nonsense.  If I had the time I'd web host from my own house but since I don't it's past due time to start looking for a more responsible web host that is also reliable.  Any suggestions out there?

During the cyber attack I was not able to post from The Social Poets blog but could from several others that are lower trafficked.  This blog was constantly getting redirected to several sites.  Apologies to all of you who may have encountered this.

I had the same problem whether I landed on the page or was in the dashboard area.  That was just too creepy.  So, I started yet another blog, A Truth Journal, to contain all the political, opinion and political humor posts, four years of archives from here as well as new posts.  The poetry and writing posts are already moved to the poetry blog here.

Consider it a serious spring cleaning for a four year old blog and time to polish it up for a more professional look.  Yeah, it was a mess. :)  After all, The Social Poets was the flagship blog of which all the humor, science, food, politics, news, health, arts blogs blasted out.  It's been my blogger learning curve blog.

So, if you get email for this blog, please reset here for A Truth Journal feed.

Thanks for showing up for all the posts, from the funny to the serious.  It's been great fun to write for your enjoyment.  You didn't really think a few annoying cyber terrorists and a lackluster YouTube-Blogger tech support could shut me down, now did you?  Yeah, that's right.  Power on!

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