11 September 2012

New Denny Lyon Designs: 11 September 2001 Anniversary Yard Sign, T-Shirt


From Denny:  Today is a special day of remembrance here in America and many parts of the world.  I created this design for my reader friends over at the Pentagon, White House, CIA, State Department and FBI for this anniversary to let them know I was thinking of them.

Proceeds go to funding my charity for homeless female military veterans.  Currently, there are only a couple of half-way houses in North Carolina - woefully underfunded - desperately trying to address the problem of over 5,000 homeless women vets.  The majority are young single mothers.

So, I'm raising funds using my art, creativity and photos for the effort, designing for a wide variety of products over at Cafe Press: clothing, technology, signage, home decor, drink ware, stationery and more.  Please take a look at Denny Lyon Gifts and express your support for the fallen - and those still healing.

September 11th Performance Dry T-Shirt

September 11th Performance Dry T-Shirt

September 11th Yard Sign

* * *  Please support Warriors Pearl Foundation - helping homeless female military veterans come home.  Visit Denny Lyon Gifts  @ CafePress.com  -   - see what's new!  (yes, my new charity - why stand on the sidelines when you can actively do something about a problem?)

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