27 May 2011

Time To Fire Atty Gen. Eric Holder: Outrageous Changing The Law to Prosecute Edwards

Eric Holder, Attorney General - is it really Justice?

From Denny:  Incompetent - and a player of dirty revenge politics - Attorney General Eric Holder, decided of his own volition to change the law, untested in court and no precedent, to prosecute Senator John Edwards. Last time I checked it was Congress that is in charge of making the laws - not the Attorney General.

Why? Try for one thing that it was John Edwards that was the first pick for Holder's job until news of the Edwards' affair broke publicly. Edwards had told his wife two years before the news became public.

Another reason for this ugly ludicrous tactic is that Holder is in a weakened political state after botching several high profile prosecutions. He is desperate to prove to President Obama he should be able to stay on for another four year term.

When an incompetent guy is willing to fight this hard to hold onto his job that's a red flag you know it's time to fire him. What kind of public servant forgets he is a public servant - and pulls a stunt like this in an election year - that blows back onto his boss seeking reelection?

Remember the fiasco of the terrorist on trial in New York City? Holder brought 285 counts against the guy that everyone thought excessive. So did the jury. The jury threw out 284 counts - against a terrorist that caused 9/11. If a New York jury could see their way clear to do justice it does cast doubt upon Holder's political agenda and lawyering competency.

Sen. John Edwards 

From Greg Craig, the former Obama White House attorney who stepped down to defend Sen. Edwards: "John Edwards has done wrong in his life – and he knows it better than anyone – but he did not break the law.

Craig did not think too much of the Justice Department's handling of this case: "The government’s theory is wrong on the facts and wrong on the law. It is novel and untested. There is no civil or criminal precedent for such a prosecution."

What is disturbing is how Holder is pressuring Edwards to plead guilty to a felony of supposedly breaking campaign finance law which will require him to give up his law license. Hmmm... why are they so eager to disbar the man? Could it have something to do with Big Business, Big Insurance and others who hate John Edwards for having successfully won huge settlements against them and now they think it's payback time?

Yeah, well, here's The Big Ugly of what Big Business is trying desperately to stop. It turns out John Edwards is in the process of creating a public interest law firm and does not want to lose his law license. It looks like Edwards is ramping up a huge advocating interest to help the middle class and the regular guy in America with what he knows better than politics: arguing the law.

Ah, now we know what's happening here. Big Business got on the phone and screamed at Holder and demanded they axe Edwards and quick. That sure fed into how Holder wanted to prove he should remain as Attorney General by prosecuting another high profile case.

Political White House strategists Axelrod and Plouffe already hated Edwards for firing them from his presidential campaign when Elizabeth demanded it. She just didn't trust their skunky ways. Speaking of skunks, Big Business does not want a successful trial lawyer on their heels, prosecuting for the public interest instead of protecting their greedy interests. Oh, the political intrigue.

Holder tries to maintain that Edwards used campaign money to keep the mistress quiet but it just isn't true. The reality is that the money came directly from donor Rachel "Bunny" Mellon as a gift and was not placed into campaign funds.

From Greg Craig, "The government originally investigated allegations that Senator Edwards’ campaign’s funds were misused but continued its pursuit even after finding that not one penny from the Edwards campaign was involved. The Justice Department has wasted millions of dollars and thousands of hours on a matter more appropriately a topic for the Federal Election Commission to consider, not a criminal court."

If I were Edwards' legal team I would quit wasting my time trying to get him a decent plea deal and take this to trial. Why? It isn't like all his dirty laundry isn't already out there. The court of public opinion sees the excessive piling on when someone is down.

We know how America loves an underdog, even when he got out of the pen one time and shamed himself. People will rally to him, elevate his status, and then where will Team Obama find themselves on election day? At this point it's people like Holder, Axelrod and Plouffe that need to spend time in jail for all their scummy activity.  As it is, Holder is guilty of abusing his authority.  I wouldn't be surprised if "malfeasance in office" also applies but I'll leave that to an investigation that needs to start ASAP.

Maybe it's time to put Eric Holder and dirty tricks Team Obama of the Chicago Code on trial. None of this is about justice. None of this is about enforcing the law. It's a sick joke. It's also about stopping someone from rising again after they were down.

Just since I wrote Wednesday's post about Edwards there has been considerable blowback in the Democratic Party. The post shot to the top of popularity on this blog immediately with hundreds of reads within hours.  People are hopping mad, furious at such political stupidity. Many still like John Edwards and remember how much good he did for them, forgiving him for his one moment of bad judgment and wish him well.

It's past due time to fire Attorney General Eric Holder.  We have witnessed time after time of incompetent lawyering on his part.  Now we find he is willing to participate in some scummy revenge politics.  Enough is enough.  Fire him immediately.

It's also past due time to fire Axelrod and Plouffe who should be considered nuclear in the Democratic Party.  Let them go run campaigns for the Republicans.  They already act like Republicans and we don't need their kind or their scummy politics.

I would think the Chief of Staff Daley is also hopping mad after fielding too many angry phone calls from Democrats furious about this incident.  Daley should be angry.  Why?  For one thing the president has been out of the country and he is supposed to hold down the fort in the president's absence.  Even at night while the  Vice President or President sleeps it's the Chief of Staff that is the President.  Holder did an end-run around Daley when he clearly should not have done so.

It's time for the super delegates of the Democratic Party to get together and shut down this prosecution.  I mean, come on; if we start prosecuting every politician that paid off his former mistress to keep quiet we would never be able to shut off court TV.

Since it isn't true about Edwards the reality is that he has a case against the government for harassment if nothing else.  Do you fools really want to take that into the court of public opinion when so many people are already angry about privacy laws not protecting us?  This could ignite a firestorm this President may never be able to put out.

Do the right thing and drop the supposed Edwards issue.  You will save your a$$ets in more ways than one - and the taxpayers' dollars along with it.

Check out just how novel is the application of the Federal Campaign Law that the Justice Department is attempting here in the Edwards case. It's never been used this way to date.

In a trial in very conservative, highly Republican North Carolina Edwards would get convicted no matter how compelling the legal argument to the contrary. The Moral Majority types love to hate as well as kick people when they are down. Where Edwards would do well is to suck it up, take the conviction, and then argue in appeals court to have it overturned.

Meanwhile, President Obama needs to fire Holder, Axelrod and Plouffe for coughing up this hair ball in the first place - and in a reelection year for a president with sagging poll numbers. How stupid can you get?

There are tough decisions all around. If it were my life I'd be ballsy and walk through Hell to get to Heaven but that's just me. Edwards has a lot to think about.

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