19 July 2011

Roasted Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch: UK Hearings

Image representing Rupert Murdoch as depicted ...Rupert Murdoch, Image via CrunchBaseFrom Denny: As Rupert Murdoch tried to play the frail old man routine he served up his own son as more "in the know" than him about the doings of all his $39 billion net worth companies and the 53,000 people in his employ.

There is just one problem with that depiction: Rupert is known for being a hands on kind of guy, especially when it comes to the tabloid newspapers. He regularly calls his editors and inquires about the latest salacious gossip and scandal. He relishes and revels in it. Does that sound like a foggy confused old guy? Of course not.

Murdoch's media managers are not winning the public relations war. First they trot him and his son out there to claim they are sorry. It was so obvious the only thing they were sorry about was that finally they were caught. They are sorry the public wants to put them in jail. They are sorry the political leaders are salivating to rip apart his media empire and destroy the 800 pound gorilla on their backs.

Rupert Murdoch and his minions have been a worldwide scourge upon government leaders and the media. Playing this game today of acting like he doesn't know anything and differing to his son for clarification and knowledge is pathetic. It's pathetic because it's clear Rupert is saving himself and serving up his son as the meal of the day to the UK Parliament.

Rupert Murdoch leaves a long trail of bodies behind him over the past 40 years in business and politics. He has played the role as the ultimate mover and shaker, deciding national elections on both sides of the Atlantic. He has driven a hard right conservative turn for the UK and American political agendas, twisting arms and blackmailing on his journey to absolute control. He is also known for being quite vindictive, severely punishing anyone who gets in his way and refuses to be his most loyal enabler.

Both Murdochs claimed in the hearings to have no prior knowledge of the phone hacking at the News Of The World. Yawn. Who believes that performance?

Better yet was the fun pie thrower, supposedly a comedian. He came up and slammed Rupert in the face with a pie of shaving foam. Of course, the Tiger Wife anticipated the attack and was there to intervene conveniently fast, fending off the lame attack. 

So, why did the media buy it that the guy was a protester and small time comedian? Come on. It was clearly staged. The wife was ready for him a little too fast. Rupert was too calm about it all like he knew it was going to happen. And when the supposed protester was lead away in handcuffs he looked like he had been paid to do it not a man on a mission driven by passion.

Today was a day of the Murdoch clan at their scummy best.  What else would you expect out of a tabloid news crowd that thinks nothing of hacking the phones of dead soldiers and murder victims?  Like suddenly they would grow a conscience?

The UK Hearing

"News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch and his son James are questioned by Labour MP Tom Watson about the tabloid phone-hacking scandal that rocked the U.K."

"Andrew Ross Sorkin talks about the spiraling UK phone hacking scandal"

When a protester attempted to attack Rupert Murdoch with what appeared to be a plate of shaving cream, his wife Wendi leapt forward from her seat and smacked the attacker repeatedly. Andrea Mitchell profiles Wendi Murdoch.

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