07 September 2011

Poll For Economy and 2012 Election: Should Obama Step Aside?

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From Denny:  President Obama's numbers are sinking fast with an American public tired of him nibbling around the edges of a disastrous economy with small incremental gestures going nowhere.  What Americans expect is bold action to reinvigorate the economy with millions of jobs.

The newest poll to come out measuring the public anger with Congress in general and frustration with a timid president is from the NBC News/Wall Street Journal.  They used both Republican and Democratic pollsters and it was conducted from 27 to 31 August 2011.

Obama's current status with voters:

* approval - 44 percent
* disapproval - 51 percent

How do voters like Obama's policies?

* only 38 percent approve

How do voters think Obama is handling the economy, his stewardship of the country?

* approval - 37 percent
* disapproval - 59 percent

Americans are in a pessimistic mood when it comes to all the happy talk trying to convince people there is no recession - technically - when they witness millions of people out of work across the country and millions of homes in foreclosure.

When asked about the current economy and did they think we have hit bottom yet?

* 72 percent think not yet
* 49 percent think we are headed for another recession

Do voters thinks the country is headed in the right direction?

* right - 19 percent  (who are these people?)
* wrong - 73 percent

In the Washington Post-ABC News Poll the numbers ran about the same.  About the only area where Obama did well was on terrorism coming in at 62 percent approval.  His numbers were just lousy on jobs and the economy.

Obama's approval rating see-saws in the 44 percent range, up and down a few points, depending upon what is in the news.  Expect his numbers to go down more as a result of the jobs report this week, revealing absolutely no jobs growth in August.  Unemployment supposedly is still considered at 9.1 percent.  We all know that number is pure fiction.

How does Obama do with the 18 - 29 age group that helped propel him into the White House?

* only 47 percent still approve of his handling of the job

Clearly, they are disenchanted with his performance.  That age group also suffers from excessively high unemployment in the range of 25 percent.

Obama's chances at reelection in 2012 are dimming fast.  Compared to a weak GOP Mitt Romney Obama is in a statistical dead heat.  Obama lost five points against Romney since June.

Obama compared to GOP Rick Perry, that Texas braggart of a conservative stripe and darling of the Tea Party, Obama barely inches ahead by five points at this juncture.  Perry looks bold compared to a timid Obama.  The country could easily turn in favor of Perry just because he looks like he has a spine.

How will they vote comparing Obama to a generic Republican?

* 44 percent said they will likely vote for a Republican
* only 40 percent now say they will likely consider voting for Obama

From Democratic pollster Peter Hart who helped conduct the NBC/WSJ poll with Republican pollster Bill McInturff:  "Obama is no longer the favorite to win re-election."

* 70 percent say they like Obama as a person

The old adage of how "nice guys finish last" may apply here in the 2012 election if the Democratic Party does not run a competitor against Obama for the nomination.  He could sail into the Democratic nomination if unopposed but easily lose the national election for a second term.  It would be a repeat of the Jimmy Carter disaster.

How closely are people following the 2012 election?

* 66 percent are following very closely

Let's see just how much the political strategists can blow smoke up the voters' skirts this year.  Good luck on that one.

How do voters rate Congress?

* over 82 percent disapprove

That's the highest disapproval for Congress ever recorded.  That number has increased by 12 percent since May.  In fact, when asked if they could vote out every member of Congress it was 54 percent who wanted to do it compared to 41 percent against.

From other recent polls mentioned in the video clip:

How many people have given up on Obama?

* 54 percent don't believe he will get anything significant done for the country

This figure is the most significant for two reasons.  One, when President Bush 43 saw this same lack of confidence number shoot up past 50 percent after his bungling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster it was the beginning of the end of his presidency.  He was considered "dead in the water."

Two, the most significant reason the pollsters most likely asked this question was to measure for the Democratic super delegates if they should consider replacing Obama on the 2012 ticket, raising up a challenger to him.  Clearly, the public is not inclined to give Obama a second term.

The Democrats have a tremendous amount to lose if they bet on Obama for 2012 and he stalls like he does on everything else he has failed to do.  The middle class and the poor stand to lose the most, especially on Social Security and Medicare.  The Republicans are poised to take back the White House if the Democrats don't get serious and raise up a 2012 challenger.

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