21 November 2008

Foods We Love to Hate: Knowing Why

Foods We Love to Hate: Knowing Why - Why do we hate certain foods? Have you ever considered what foods you hate and why you hate them? There may be more to it than finicky tastebuds. This is part one in a series of articles about food dislikes.
It does make a person wonder if we could resolve the mystery of food issues maybe we could resolve the need for war? How does that correlate? Scratching your head in confusion? The old saying is that an army runs on its stomach. If we could come to the proverbial table in agreement of and the sharing of great food maybe everyone would be in a better mood, more accepting of the other person and willing to listen to reason. Its amazing how a really good meal can change a person's attitude!

By Denny Lyon

Photo by Vin Crosbie @ flickr

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