16 May 2012

John Edwards Trial: Smart Brave Move Today by Defense

Former Senator John Edwards (D-NC) with his parents at his trial today

From Denny:  In a bold and brave move today, Team Edwards shut down this case, resting their defense on the third day.  Why?  Could it be more obvious?  The prosecution never had a case.  Better yet, the jury is so turned off to the prosecution's "star" witness, the guy who came across as very scummy, Andrew Young, they will acquit Edwards quickly on all charges.

What shocked the jury - as well as the public - was to discover that Young stole the majority of the money given by the donor friends meant for the pregnant girl friend.  What surprised the jury is that Edwards was never involved in it.  Rather it was something his campaign donor friends wanted to do to spare him and Elizabeth further pain and embarrassment during such a bitter public campaign.

Look at it this way, the jury is probably thinking, if Edwards really was involved in the money trail to the girl friend, don't you think he would have done something about the money wrongly funneled to Young?  Don't you think he would have taken measures to personally give more money to Hunter in order to secure her silence?

If Edwards was really so keen to hide Hunter from the public don't you think he would be miffed to find out that 80 percent of the funds were diverted away from her?  It sure looked like Young was working the campaign donors, Hunter and Edwards all at once.  No wonder the man was drinking heavily and taking sleeping pills nightly.

And this is the guy the prosecution puts on the stand as a credible witness?  Come on.  And the jury is thinking the exact same thing.  The real crime, thinks the jury, was to pardon this crook known as Andrew Young, the true villain of this story.

In spite of the efforts from The Political Fix Was In Crowd that also involved this judge, enough of the real truth did manage to make its way to the jury's ears.  By last week they had already made their decision this whole case is a witch hunt.  By now there are most likely at least nine jurors willing to acquit.  Yes, the prosecution did such a bad job of trying to prove their imaginary case.

Tomorrow closing arguments begin.  The jury is so turned off to the scummy prosecution it won't matter what they say, try to say, attempt to amend or rearrange to soft sell their bad case.  The jury is fed up with them as much as the public.  No one likes piling on.  No one likes the government in your personal business.

Many on the jury once had a poor opinion of their senator from North Carolina.  Their opinion has since changed after learning the truth of the inside of a political campaign and his true marital circumstances of which many can identify.  Their opinion has changed since viewing the scummy tactics of their federal government in action and they are some kind of disgusted with the whole process.

The prosecution attempted to so muddy the waters in order to confuse the jury away from the fact there never was a crime that there is now a jury backlash coming against the prosecution instead of John Edwards.  Expect a tsunami after this national disgrace is finished and the jury members begin to speak out about their experience.

It won't be pretty for President Obama and senior adviser David Axelrod that lit the fire of this political vendetta in the first place because the stink they attempted to paint all over Edwards will jump back onto them - and stick all the way to November.

In this ugly aftermath, John Edwards will be happy to return home to his children and the long road toward rebuilding the shambles of his life.  Keep your head up high, John Edwards. Step up and step forward to make your new life your masterpiece.

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